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  1.  An attorney is trained in the law, and as such can see many issues in great depth which escrow officers without such training do not have.  While escrow officers may have knowledge of the rules of title and escrow, and how those rules apply, an attorney knows the reasons for the rules and understands all of the concepts and issues which give rise to the rules.  An attorney has studied case law and statutes which determine the reasons for the rules.  As such, an attorney sees the depth of what is taking place concerning any issue which comes up.


  1. Attorneys have a greater ability to avoid pitfalls which may not otherwise be seen, as they are trained to keep people out of trouble to a much greater degree than someone only trained in what the rules are.  The purpose of closing at a title company is to offer protection from pitfalls.  When an attorney closes a transaction, the borrower, buyer or seller has this greater benefit in addition to what other title companies offer.  While an attorney acting as an escrow agent is not representing any party in the transaction, he can explain things and answer questions from a vastly greater depth of knowledge.


Spencer Ball has 27 years experience as a lawyer, predominately in real estate, and 20 years in the title industry and has performed thousands of closings.  Would you rather go to a nurse or a doctor?  Who would you rather have closing and reviewing your transactions and those of your clients?