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A boundary or easement dispute is a problem which can mushroom into some of the nastiest lawsuits, where many times more money can be spent on attorney’s fees than any benefit could accrue from winning such a lawsuit. Neighbors involved thereafter become mortal enemies. Whenever you become aware of someone you know or represent that has a problem
with a neighbor regarding a boundary, one of the greatest peacemaking and problem solving things you can do for them is to assist in having such parties settle their differences before the filing of a lawsuit.

…Acrimony in these situations can easily escalate until people are willing to pay attorneys to solve them, as neighbors cannot simply “go away.” Very often the legal advice an attorney will give is that allowing a neighbor to use their land may very well result in losing their rights to the land. While this can be very true, it often results in giving an incentive to file a lawsuit to stop such a loss of rights. This incentive should be balanced with the potential pound of the cost of a lawsuit to protect an ounce of such rights. Getting people to agree can put a stop to any loss of rights, and save a pound or even a ton of attorney’s fees and bad feelings of neighbors.